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Where to Buy Metal Hammered Coffee Table

What’s more resplendent than a glimmering golden metal hammered coffee table in a living room? Let the dotted dents tear your guests’ eyes from all other curiosities to the one and only marvel in your room– the coffee table. 

A metal coffee table is known for its structural and sleekness, which combines perfectly with any aesthetic or interior design. It’s versatile, long-lasting, and shiny. You can use any metal and make it look like an art piece. A metal-hammered coffee table is a perfect centrepiece. Don’t believe us? Just check out a handcrafted coffee table from Irostone Trading. We pair our coffee tables UK with glass and marble tabletops that add to that timeless and ageless effect that metal usually evokes.

What Makes a Quality Metal-Hammered Coffee Table

When your taste aligns

To gain the microscopic nicks and crumbled look of the coffee table, it must first suit the room. Different looks go with varying styles of interior. So, look out for these different aesthetics when you are choosing your metal-hammered coffee table:


Conventional interior designs are better suited with rich woods and decorative designs on oak coffee tables. You may pair it with wrought iron furniture. 


Transitional pieces provide a middle ground between antique and ultra-modern styles. Transitional coffee tables are versatile enough to complement a wide range of aesthetic preferences.


Country coffee tables are more feminine, and wrought iron might suit this style more than a hammered coffee table.


This style won’t suit a metal hammered coffee table so much. It prefers edgier tables than luxurious metal-hammered coffee tables.

Mid-Century Modern

This is the perfect interior design for a metal hammered coffee table, emphasising simplistic luxurious patterns.


Shiny coffee tables are best suited to this style. A glamorous look can be best achieved with a metal-hammered coffee table.

Using the Right Metal

Wrought iron:

Forged or shaped by hammering or bending, as opposed to being poured or cast, is what makes iron “wrought.” This kind of metal is rough and can be forged into a hammered coffee table.


Brass has made a comeback to the home design market after being absent for some years. Brass, an alloy of copper and zinc, is available in several hues, from red to golden brown or bronze. 


Copper is great for bringing in warm tones and making a space more open. When used in an all-white or neutral space, copper pops. This and brass make great metal hammered coffee tables.

The Right Shape


To achieve the same sense of balance in the room as when using a rectangular coffee table, an oval coffee table necessitates the use of a longer couch. The oval’s rounded edges offer a touch of warmth to the environment, and its length makes it ideal for rooms with more floor area.


Those who love a living room coffee table will love a round structure. The gentle curves of this form complement a wide variety of decorating motifs. You may double up for a new appearance by placing two smaller circular coffee tables next to each other.

The Right Size

You need a sizeable coffee table in your living space that is proportionate to the other furniture it is adjacent to, like a couch beside it. It’s important that the table’s aesthetic complement the rest of the room’s furnishings, whether modern, traditional, or entirely different.

When choosing a size, it’s important to take into account both the actual dimensions and the scale. 

A good rule of thumb is to have a coffee table that does not extend greater than two-thirds of the span of your couch. Separate the table and couch by at least half a meter for walking room and convenience.

The ideal height for a large coffee table is below the sofa’s seat. We say take your coffee table’s height less than one to two inches below the height of your sofa’s seat cushion.

How to Choose Where to Buy Metal Hammered Coffee Table

You can find a coffee table anywhere, be it the flea market or the furniture store. You can head out to any mall and find a coffee table lying around. That’s what makes it so hard to catch. You never know which one to buy. 

Make sure you trust the store you buy the metal-hammered coffee table from. Look at reviews, research the store and take suggestions from your relations and close friends. You also have to ensure that the customer service is helpful, or you might never be able to change a faulty item. Otherwise, you can choose Irostone, which never ceases to amaze its customers. 

Why Irostone Coffee Tables

Resourced Naturally

We resource our materials and metals for our furniture naturally from appropriately run mills and workshops. 

Distinctive Designs

The designs go perfectly with any interior, as we keep our client’s customisations as a priority.


Our coffee tables are all hand-crafted with love and care. They are made to perfection and materialised to the client’s visions, generally for every taste.


We create our coffee tables for various purposes, be it to showcase in a living room or keep in a bedroom, as a side table or a footstool. We know how diverse our customers’ needs are, so we deliver likewise.


Tired of the same old coffee table? Try Irostone’s metal hammered coffee table to refresh your space with glamour and glow. This is the only coffee table you will need to stun your guests. A metal-hammered coffee table is all the rage now, so let’s not forget that the market is full of counterfeits. Make sure you give this article a read before you head out to shop.

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