where to buy coffee table

Where to Buy Coffee Table

Coffee tables are the centrepieces of the living room or whichever room you put them into. So you need the perfect coffee table for your needs. Irostone Trading is the best place to buy coffee tables, but we want you to make that judgement for yourself. 

So here’s a non-exhaustive yet comprehensive guide, the only one you will ever have to read. So let’s find out how and where to buy coffee table affordably. 

What to Know Before Buying Coffee Table:

Before we know where to buy coffee table, let’s look into a brief guide in choosing your perfect coffee table for additional info.

Its Height

A coffee table must be tall enough to be comfortable but not so tall that it disrupts communication and interaction. It should be 17 inches tall, generally. But we can’t make accurate measurements for you because it largely depends on your sofa. To harmonise the height with your sofa, ensure it only rises 1 or 2 inches above the sofa or no less than 3 inches above the sofa.

Its Width

Two-thirds of the sofa’s length is the ideal length. This aids in making a convenient path from the couch to the table and back without making the room seem too open.

Distance from Sofa

Make sure you have enough walking space around the coffee table by leaving an adequate distance between it and other furniture in the room. For maximum freedom of movement and comfort when relaxing, leave at least 30 inches between a coffee table and a TV or other pieces of furniture. 

Its Depth

A comfortable distance is 14-18 inches between the table and the couch. A width of 15 inches is ideal for a home staging or retail display since it allows for easy movement around the display without taking up too much floor space. 

Consider the 14″ option if you’re dealing with a limited footprint or the 18″ option if you have more room to play with.

How to Choose Where to Buy Coffee Table:

Furniture, especially coffee table London, can be found everywhere. From your supermarket to home depot, branded furniture outlets, online retailers, resellers, and e-commerce websites like Amazon, they are everywhere. 

Before we research, you must judge which shopping style you are comfortable with. Would you rather shop directly while touching, feeling and seeing the table? Or would you rather shop from the comfort of your home? You should proceed with your chosen method in mind. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t miss out on the other option either, lest you should miss a good opportunity.


How will you know where to buy coffee table if you have yet to look over the options? 

Researching is vital. You don’t want to randomly pop into the first shop after window shopping thirstily. You don’t know if it’s any good from the looks. Researching may take time and effort, but your money will be saved. And money is more accurate than anything, so ensure you have checked all the biggest e-commerce and physical outlets.

Here is a pro tip: Research online all the furniture stores around you, list your preferred ones, and visit them afterwards. We can extend this tip by asking you to be sure of which store really goes with your interior style and aesthetic.

Don’t forget about the reviews and ratings of the coffee table store. Look for the comments on the coffee tables. See if there are different kinds of coffee tables available. You can search for a coffee table with storage or a few marble coffee tables. The range coffee tables should be large– that’s our goal. 

Type of Brands

If you have selected an e-commerce site or a superstore, it might have a collection of furniture brands under its wings. Research the brands, their products, reviews and so on. You know the drill. 

The style of the furniture is also essential to consider. Do you want the black coffee table or the white coffee table? Regardless they both look out of style for you, no? You might also like your coffee tables affordable. So go for affordable brands. If luxury coffee tables are more of your type, you should choose high-end luxury brands. Here is your guide to finding your interior design style. 


Shipping is another concern. Do you want free delivery? Do you want extra privileges or more options with the delivery? Get this info clear with the brand before you select them.

Return Policy

Most online shoppers can relate to being delivered products that look nothing like the ones they ordered. Condolences to you if you were a victim of that. Sometimes, you come home with an object that looks way different from the way it did in the store because of the lighting, glaze of the showroom and such. In that case, you need your chosen store to have a convenient return policy. 

Learn in detail about their return policy before you decide on anything, like the return time limit, will the company come to pick it up. If so, when? Think of any other question you may have, and ask away. That brings us to the following condition: Customer Service. Bad customer service will vaguely explain the rules or deflect your questions with platitudes. 

Customer Service

Customer service provides entry to a company. They might even be the face of a company for the direct client. So when your customer service has passiveness in their behaviourism, or they can’t help you with what you need, pass it. A sound customer service system also means you can reach them via emails, phone numbers and live chat. Their emails should respond within a few hours, and their phone numbers should answer when it’s rung.

Why IroStone Trading


Irostone Trading coffee tables are made with the purest of compounds. The materials in both coffee tables for sale cheap and the marble coffee tables are all authentic and clean. Whatever you see in our website, is what you will receive.

Safe and Fast delivery

Rest assured, because your coffee tables are safe with us and safe when we are delivering it. We pack them with extra care so they face no damage, and we drive just as cautiously to your location.

Customer Oriented

You can bet on our customer service to be 100% responsive. We are always around to listen to your problems. So inquire away. 


If you are wondering where to buy coffee table, Irostone Trading is your one-stop store for the best coffee tables in the UK. Order your coffee table today.

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